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I make hip-hop music that connects us and spreads good vibes.

Your auntie’s favorite rapper.

New Single “On My Way Remix” Now Available

About Hookdiggy

A Flint, MI native, Hookdiggy’s love of hip-hop took off after an encounter with celebrated hip-hop group The Dayton Family, also from the area. Watching how they brought the community together over music with the release of their first EP, Hookdiggy knew that this is what he wanted to do and what he wanted his music to be known for. Creating connection and community.

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Interactive, engaging, fun, and family friendly! That's what you can expect from a Hookdiggy show. Bringing you that live, boom-bap hip-hop feel, along with his live drummer and other live elements, a Hookdiggy show is guaranteed to keep your event live, fun, and positive.

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